How to Prevent Facebook Friends to Tag you in Photo

If You are a Facebook User this post is Definitely for you. Today we Gonna  show ” How to Prevent facebook friends to tag you in photo ? “ Now on facebook people are going crazy to increase his facebook photo likes and more stuffs related to photos So, thats why they use Facebook Photo Tagging to tag their friends to increase the Likes on his/her picture. Millions of user can do this shit, But it is so irritating  for anyone who is facing this issue. But Facebook has a Feature to prevent photo tag from your friends. In Facebook settingthere is a feature of “Review Post after Appear on my Timeline” that can help you to prevent tagged photo to show on your facebook timeline.



How to use “Review Post Features” in Facebook ?

  1. Firstly Login your account and go to Facebook settings.
  2. After you can see many tabs in Left side Click on “Timeline & Tagging“.
  3. Timeline & Tagging Setting will open and you can see below screen. Set your settings same as you seen in below Picture.
How to prevent Facebook Friends to Tag you in Facebook Photo 2015 ?

Stop Facebook Photo Tagging

This Feature can Definitely help you to Protect you from Facebook Photo tagging. Basically it can put Limitation on your Timeline that No one can add and Tag things on your Timeline Because it can Firstly Reviewed by End User. If it agreed with photo so he can simply Click ” Add to Timeline “ Otherwise Click on” Hide “.





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