Top 7 Best One Click Root Apps For Android

Best One click root apps for android – Rooting android device is very easy these days. A lot of 1 click root apps are available on the internet which will help you in rooting android phone and tablets. Using these applications you don’t need to use your computer as all you have to do is install a simple application and follow the process to root android phone.

If you will search for best one click root apps for android in Google you will come across a lot of options however only a few of these applications successfully grant root access. If you want to root android device using one click root apps you are at the right place as today we are going to share 7 best one click root apps.

iRootiRoot apk download

iRoot is one of the best 1 click root apps for android. The application was earlier known as Vroot and will allow you to root any android phone without PC. The app is powerful and the rate of getting root access using iRoot on any android device is high.

iRoot supports devices which are running on old android operating systems like Android Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean. You can download 1 click root apps for android for free.

Kingo Root AppKingo Root apk download

Kingo Root is another application which will help you to root any android device without computer. The app will work on most of the smartphones and tablets. No data will be lost if you are rooting your android device using Kingo Root. The 1 click rooting app download for android is available for free however you can donate some money if you loved using the application.

One Click Root Appsone click root apps for android

As the name of this app suggests, rooting android devices is very easy using One Click Root. You just have to install the application on your smartphone and tap on the Root button in order to root any android phone without PC. Developers push update for this app from time to time and with each update new features and support for more devices is added. Even if you are not having any technical knowledge you will be able to root android device using one click root easily.

SuperOneClicksuper One click

The next application which you can use to root any android device without computer is SuperOneClick. You can use this app on your Windows and Linux based computers. With just a single click you will get root access of your device. It is important that you create backup of android apps before you root your device using SuperOneClick.

Root Masterroot master

Root Master is having two versions. You can either use the PC version of this software or the mobile version as both the software’s will allow you to root any android device. Not only you can root your mobile phone using Root Master but also unroot it and get back your lost warranty. You can download 1 click rooting apps for android for free.


SRSRoot works only on Windows computers. This means that you won’t be able to install the application on your smartphone. The software comes with user friendly interface which makes it easy for one to use it. SRSRoot is compatible with devices which are having android version of 1.5 to 4.2.

Root GeniusRoot Genuis one click root app

Last but not the least is Root Genius app. The app supports more than 10000 android devices. Using Root Genius you will be able to get root access, install custom roms and also manage the applications which run automatically. It will also help you in saving space on your mobile by uninstalling the built-in applications.


Rooting android mobile phone has become very easy with these applications. These 1 click root download for android applications are available for free.



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