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If you want to bypass the firewall on your Android phone, use the software applications, SSH Tunnel, Proxy Mobile and Mozilla Firefox. You can download the applications from Android Market. Then create a user account with a SSH service. There are several free SSH services available online that you can use that will help you bypass the firewall on your Android phone. After you’ve created a SSH Tunnel on your phone, you will be able to prevent intruders from viewing your Internet activities. bypass-firewall


Step 1:

Open the web browser on your Android phone. Type “Android Market” in the search text box. Then tap the magnifying glass (search button). Enter your Gmail user account information in the appropriate text boxes. Type your username in the “Username” text box. And, then type your password in the “Password” text box. Tap the “Login” button when you’re finished.

Step 2:

Use the search text box on the homepage to help you find the software applications “SSH Tunnel,” “Proxy Mobile” and “Mozilla Firefox.” Type “SSH Tunnel” in the search text box. Scroll down the web page until you find theapplication. Click on the “Install” button and download the application. Carefully, follow the onscreen instructions for the installation process.

Step 3:

Use the search text box and type “Proxy Mobile” in the text box. Scroll down the Web page until you find the application. Click on the “Install” button and follow the onscreen instructions for installing the application. Then do another search for “Mozilla Firefox” and install the web page on your phone. Follow the onscreen instructions for installing the software application.

Step 4:

Navigate to the menu page of the SSH Tunnel program that you previously installed on your phone from Android Market. Under the “SSH Tunnel Settings” option, type the Hostname, your username and password to build a SSH tunnel that will be hooked up with a local port. Click inside the “Use SOCKS Proxy” check box and be sure to memorize the port number. Click inside the check box for “Tunnel Switch” to activate the SSH Tunnel.

Step 5:

Open Firefox web browser and tap on ”Add Ons.” Then tap on the “Options”button to open “Proxy Mobile.” Set up “Use Proxy” and enter “” in the “SOCKS” proxy text box. Then enter the port number that you previously used in the “SOCKS” port text box.

Step 6:

Use Firefox web browser to find out what the IP address is. Type the URL address, “” in the search text box. Tap on the magnifying glass (search box) when you’re done. After the web page loads, you should see the IP address and location.

Here is one more Method to try!!

Bypass Firewalls with Android SSH Tunneling

Why would you need a SSH Tunnel? You may want to get around a firewall or just encrypt your communications so prying eyes can not see what you are doing online.  On Linux/Unix system you can tunnel all of the traffic from your local box to a remote box that you have a shell account on. You can do the same with Android, and here is how:

First you will need to download some software from the Android Market. The following are FREE apps.

SSH Tunnel This will build the tunnel for your browser to use.


Firefox, a good browser with an easy tunneling add on.


Proxy Mobile Add On



Install all three.

Then you will need a SSH account somewhere. There are a lot of free SSH services out there. Send me an email at if you want to hear my favorite, or run a google search and I am sure you will find a couple. Make sure they support SSH Tunneling. Sign up and get a user name and password. You can also use your own SSH server if you have one.

Now open up your  SSH Tunnel program on your Android device. and put in your credentials. Hostname, Username, Passowrd, click on the Use SOCKS Proxy click box and make  note  of the port. It was 1984 for me. Activate the SSH Tunnel by clicking on the Tunnel Switch Check box  (tunnel has to be activated every time you use it).

Next open the Firefox browser and go to the Add Ons in options. Open the options for Proxy Mobile. Set Use Proxy, set SOCKS proxy to and SOCKS port to 1984 (or the port you used on SSH Tunnel).

Your Tunnel should now be working! Enjoy and use wisely.



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