How To Link Your Twitter And Facebook Accounts With A BlackBerry 2016

It’s very possible to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts with a BlackBerry phone. However, if you don’t have a Twitter or Facebook account setup, you will need to visit both websites to create a user account. Then log in to your Facebook account, or use the Twitter Facebook application on your BlackBerry phone to access the application page on Facebook.


Step 1:

Create a Twitter account. Go to the “Home” screen on your BlackBerry phone. Tap the Twitter icon and then click on “Sign Up.” You will need to provide some personal information about yourself. Enter your information in the appropriate fields. Click on “Create my account.” Log out of your Twitter account.

Step 2:

Create a Facebook account. Go to the “Home” screen and click on the “Facebook” icon. Then click “Sign Up.” Enter your personal information in the appropriate fields. Click on “Create my account.” Log out of your Facebook account.

Step 3:

Open the Web browser on your BlackBerry phone. To link Twitter to Facebook, copy and paste the URL address, “” into thesearch field. Then, click the search button.

Step 4:

Log in to your Facebook account. Type your email address in the “Email” field and enter your password in the “Password” field. Click on “Login.” You will be asked “Would you like to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts?”

Step 5:

Type your user name in the “Twitter Username” field, and enter your password in the “Twitter Password field. Click on “Allow.” If the link between your Twitter and Facebook accounts is successful, you will see a message that says, “Your Facebook & Twitter accounts are connected!”

Step 6:

Post a message on the Twitter Home screen. Type a message that is no longer than 140-character in the “What’s happening?” field. When you’re finished, click “Update” to send your


To reply to a Tweet or Twitter message from someone, simply highlight the message and press the “Menu” key. Click on “Reply” and type your message in the field on the Twitter Home screen, and click “Reply” or “Reply All” to send your message to all the individuals that was mentioned in the message that was sent to you.





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