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If you enjoy chatting online with your Facebook friends, here’s our opinion of Facebook fTalk. We think the software application tool is more reliable and faster than Facebook chat software. Facebook fTalk can be used right from your desktop computer and it works better, too. You won’t have to log on to your Facebook account to use Facebook fTalk and, it’s easy and free to use. Check out the user guide information, to learn how to use Facebook fTalk’s features and adjust the settings.

Facebook fTalk User Guide Information

1. After you download and install Facebook fTalk on your computer, you can change the settings, so that the software application tool will automatically start each time you power on your system. Simply, sign in to fTalk and go to your photo. Click on the drop down menu and then click on “Preferences.” Enable the “launch fTalk on startup” option by clicking the check box.

2. You can also disable or stop the animated emoticons from displaying on Facebook fTalk. After you have signed in to your account, go to your photo and then click on the drop down menu. Click on “Preferences and disable the emoticons check box.

3. If you no longer want to see the pop up notifications, open the fTalk menu by clicking on your name. Then, click on “Preferences” and from here go to the “Notifications” tab button. Select “None” next to “A friend comes online.” Another way that you can stop a pop up notification is by clicking on the “Hide” hyperlink that you see on the notification.

4. Whenever you want to update your status on your Facebook page with fTalk, just type your status on the fTalk bar. Your information will automatically be updated on Facebook.

5. Now that you know how Facebook fTalk works, you can get started using the software application tool. Go to and click on the “Download fTalk Free!” hyperlink near the bottom of the homepage and follow the installation instructions. However, before you download Facebook fTalk, make certain your computer meets the software application’s system requirements.

6. You can learn more about Facebook fTalk and its features by visiting their website at:



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