How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy S3/S4

The easiest way to recover a text message on your Android Samsung is by using a SIM data recovery application. Look for one that enables you to recover deleted text messages on your Android Samsung phone. You will also need a SIM memory card reader. If you don’t have one, you go purchase one online or your local electronics store. Remove the SIM card from your phone, and don’t save any additional data on the card. This will prevent you from overwriting any text messages that you want to recover.


Step 1:

Download and install a data recovery application from the Internet on your computer.
Freeware and shareware such as “SIM Card Data Recovery,” “Card Data Recovery” and “Wondershare Photo Recovery” will scan and recover any deleted text messages and files on your phone’s SIM card. Double-click the data recovery installation icon and follow the setup wizard’s instructions. When theinstallation is complete, look for the data recovery icon on your desktop.

Step 2:

Power off your Android Samsung phone and remove the SIM card. Hold the device securely and use your fingers to remove the back cover. Lift out the phone’s battery and then slide, or eject the SIM card out of its slot.

Step 3:

Slide the SIM card into the memory card reader and connect the data cable to a USB port on your computer. Windows will automatically recognize the memory card reader as an external device and assign a drive letter to it.

Step 4:

Go to your desktop and double-click on the data recovery icon to launch theapplication. Select the file type that you want to recover. Click the “Scan” or “Start” button when you’re done. In most cases, the data recovery softwareapplication will be able to recover deleted contact numbers, photos, videos and music files on your phone’s SIM card.

Step 5:

Wait for the data recovery application to finish scanning your phone for any deleted text messages. Select the text message that you want to retrieve from the list of deleted files on your phone’s SIM card. Click the “Recover” or “Recover All” button.

Step 6:

Click on the “Browse” button and select the file path for where you want to save the recovered text message. Click the “OK” button. Unplug the memory card reader data cable from your computer. Remove your SIM card from the memory card reader and place it back into the slot on your Android Samsung phone. Replace the phone’s back cover.

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