Install Thaana (Dhivehi) fonts and Thaana Keyboard on iOS devices [100% working FULL guide]

This is a really really easy method to install Dhivehi fonts on your iOS devices. Tested on iOS7.0 and iOS8.0 devices and seems to work well.

Please note that this is just for viewing thaana contents, not a thaana keyboard.

How to install.

Download the custom font profile by visiting the following link using Safari App. This may not work on Chrome. 


Finally install the profile and you are ready to view.

Press install to install the profile. Check More details to see which fonts are being installed.

Fonts included on this profile: A_Waheed, A_Bismillah, A_Faseyha, MV Boli, A_Waheed, Faruma, Mv Iyyu Normal, Mv Elaaf Lite

Compatibility with other apps

These fonts works great on iOS Mail App, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox& Pages.
But these fonts are NOT compatible with the recently released Microsoft Office Apps for iPad.

Removing profile
For any reason, if you want to remove the profile you can do it by opening Settings > General > Profiles > ThaanaFonts



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