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Reverbnation is a great place for unsigned musicians to host there music and start making fans. But most musicians don’t know how to make money online. Reverberation has a lot of potential for earning money.

Warnings: Don’t upload music that you don’t own the copywrite to.

Step 1: First you should sign up for there FairShare program. They give you a percentage of their ad revenue every month based on your activity on the site. The more visits, plays, downloads, etc. you get the higher percentage you will make.

Step 2: If you have any kind of songs or albums to sell, I would recommend you use your own Reverb Store. They are free and the website takes a small cut of what you sell. You can create single songs to sell, MP3 albums to sell, or even hard copies of your album in your store.

Step 3: This is one of the things that makes Reverbnation unique from other music hosting sites. In your store you can also sell merchandise such as shirts and t-shirts. All you have to do is come up with the design and they take care of the rest with no upfront cost.

Step 4: They also have cheap programs to get your music on the Amazon MP3 store and iTunes also. They have many other premium programs that can help your music career out for sure, especially if you are not signed to a record label.

Step 5: Now that you know how to make money on Reverbnation, go make an account and get famous. Who needs a record label when this website offers distribution deals and a place for everything a musician needs.




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