How To Download YouTube Videos to iPod 2016

YouTube is a gargantuan video-sharing resource, containing over 120 million clips, meaning there is something for almost everyone to stream and enjoy on demand. If you want to watch your favourite YouTube clips on a portable device that is not internet-capable, or in offline situations, it is also possible to download the Flash video files to your PC or Mac, convert them to the correct format, and then synchronise with your portable media player (such as an iPod or iPhone).

This method will also provide a better quality viewing experience than viewing over 3G or GSM (which often compresses videos greatly to compensate for the lack of bandwidth).

Windows users, follow the steps below to load up your iPod or similar device with your favourite YouTube video clips. Mac owners, skip to the Tips section at the end of the guide for an even easier solution.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  •  First, download and install Mozilla Firefox (if you do not already use this great browser).
  •  Next, download and install the Firefox extension Video DownloadHelper. This handy utility provides a download link of any embedded Flash video on its toolbar.
  •  Download and install Videora iPod Converter from the URL provided. This application will convert your downloaded video file to the correct resolution and file format so that plays back correctly when transferred to your iPod or iPhone. Videora iPod Converter also integrates with iTunes, and will automatically add any converted files to your iTunes library.
  •  If you do not already have it, you will need to download and install iTunes for Windows (the URL is provided above).
  •  The next step is to download the desired video clip to your PC. Launch Firefox and navigate to Locate the video clip on the site.
  •  Video DownloadHelper will detect the embedded Flash video and a button on the toolbar will begin to animate. Click the button and the FLV file will download locally.
  •  Launch Videora iPod Converter and select Convert. Click Select File and open the FLV video downloaded in the previous step.
  •  Locate the Video Size slider and change it to iPod. Drag the quality to “Best” for both video and audio to reduce the compression and improve the viewing experience.
  •  Click Start Converting. The FLV file will be converted to MP4, which is the video file format recognised by most portable devices. When the process is complete, your iTunes library will be automatically updated with the converted video file.
  •  Connect your iPod or iPhone and synchronise with iTunes. When the process is complete, you will be able to view the YouTube video on your portable device.

Tips & Advice

  • The above process can be applied to any site containing embedded Flash video – not just YouTube. Try it with any of the popular video streaming sites.
  • Mac users can try PodTube which will complete the above process in just a single click.



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