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Whenever a “tip-giver” talks about making money through your blog, the first thing they’d advise you to do is sign up for Google Adsense and sell a lot of ads.

You got banned from your account? Oops, sorry! Find another gig. You won’t make money through your website anymore.

Yeah right, as if that was already making us six figures!

By bowing down to Google Adsense and letting it be “the boss of all” you’re making a huge mistake. First of all, in order to get “approved” you’re literally kissin’ butt. And when you’re finally in, don’t forget the fine print!

Oh you don’t like you’re pay? Nobody cares!

And when you’re finally out because you “forgot the fine print”, thank you, but good bye!

Thankfully, though Google Adsense is not the only way! Here’s what other tip-givers always miss out about making money through your blog. And the best part? You get to be your own boss!

You can thank us later when you’re cashing in.

Banner Ads:

Just think about this, how many popular blogs have you visited that didn’t have a banner ad? Probably zero! Using banner ads is a norm. However, you must make sure your website is not filled with banner ads or the ads must not interfere with the UX of your website.

If you have a solid number of followers and impressive analytics, you could attract the attention of entrepreneurs or organizations that would like to promote their products on your website using your banner ads or blog.

This is a serious way to earn an income which could be even higher than what you get through Adsense. However, this requires an accomplished blog and substantial audience. The plus side to this method is that you get to choose how you want to be paid (per click, amount of “space the banner takes up”, etc).

Direct advertisements:

Remember that Google Adsense is simply the “middle man” that connects advertisers and bloggers. So, why not search for advertisers yourself? Look for event planners, entrepreneurs, app developers, and ebook authors who may be willing to post a direct ad to your blog. Even if you manage to find one or two, you’re good to go.

Using Alternative Ad Networks:

Of course Google Adsense is not the only one with a huge ad network. There are many others as well. One of the most popular service with huge ad network is Chitika. They allow you to customize your ads and pay you via Paypal (minimum $10 USD). Other good alternatives include Amazon Associates, Revenue Hits, and Tribal Fusion.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing can be a lot like direct ads. The idea is to market products and services that others have made. However, how you choose to “market” it depends on you, unlike direct ads where you are using advertisements only. For example, you could market a product by recommending it to your followers. Perhaps, you quote your experience with the products or service and dedicate a post to it. This is also known as a “paid review”.

However, be careful with this tactic. Make sure you’re not driving your followers away with this type of marketing. As the recommender you have a responsibility towards your audience to be honest and less “gimmicky”. Also, it is best to pick products that relate to your own niche if you want to try affiliate marketing. So, in a way you choose to “affiliate” with someone that compliments (or supplements) you or your offerings.

In Text Ads:

You might already be familiar with in-text advertisements. These are carefully placed in-text links in your content that direct the reader towards a landing page. The landing page promotes the product of service your advertiser is looking forward to selling. This is another lucrative method to make a good amount of money. Based on the platform you use, you may get paid per click (usually a few cents per click) or a sum per month. The links you provide will boost the conversion rate, and increase the propensity to earn more revenue (including your commission).

Platforms that deliver these kinds of ads include Infolinks and Vigilink.

Sponsored Posts

Another way to earn from you blog is to post sponsored articles on your blog. A sponsored article is not different from your regular blog posts, except it is written by another person (the sponsor) who just wants get a link from your blog or share a little information about their product.

This may seem similar to affiliate marketing, but it’s not. A sponsored post may not be about any specific product or offering of the advertiser. Here you are only getting paid for someone else to write a blog post for your blog.


We’ve listed down six ways you can monetize your blog without Adsense. If you don’t mind the extra effort required to search for advertisers, create new accounts, market in new ways, or create your own products, these are certainly some concrete and lucrative ways to earn from blogging.

Google AdWords is a system that is developed to assist online marketers in advertising their products and services in the Google search engine. Using text ad, the AdWords appear on the Google search results and affiliate websites when relevant keywords are searched by any Google user. Just like the system of PPC; or pay per click works, the Google AdWords work the same way! When any user clicks on your ad that appears in the search results, you get paid by Google. You can specify where your ads are to be placed, and you can customize them using the relevant keywords to your web page.

People who use Google AdWords to make money online will be telling you to follow steps in order to make an AdSense account and building a website but nobody will be ready to tell you how exactly this system of AdWords work! So here is a quick guide if you are not familiar with this system of making money online and it is also known as lead generation. Have a look;

  1. Creation of a new website which collects leads from interested people in related products on the website, for example if your website is about ladies bags, you will get leads from people who want to display ads of ladies bags.
  2. Finding a buyer for these leads is the next step, and your buyer can be anyone dealing with ladies bags online.
  3. Advertising your website of ladies bags on Google is the next step in which you use AdWords to generate leads that will be sold online.
  4. Your advertising costs and your profits from selling leads is the difference that is your earned income. This is how this system works!

Well, that sounds interesting and easy but in reality it is not simple like that. If you have an online blog or a retail website which has enough traffic that you make your living out of it, then you can be sure to get benefits from Google AdWords. The program that is run by Google is known as AdSense, and online advertisers use this program to sell leads through the AdWords. Google makes money while showing these ads in search results, and you earn money when people click on them. Little bit complex, right?

If you want to earn money using Google AdWords, you can start right now as many people are already working on this system, and they are making millions out of AdWords. Many benefits are also associated with these ads that are the reason advertisers are investing in these ads. Have a look at some of the following pros of Google AdSense program;

  • The content that is related to these AdWords is relevant, and there are more chances to earn money.
  • These ads are not pushy, so Google users do not ban them.
  • People have trust on Google AdWords, and many internet users are Google loyal fans.
  • The money earned is quick and simple, and everyone can try to make a living out of it. There is no fraud or scam in Google AdWords.

So if you are now convinced about making money through Google AdWords, you must understand how to start this! Well, in the starting, you might not get desired results as nothing happens overnight but once your leads will start selling; you will get rewards and much real money. Have a look at following steps that you must take in order to get started on Google AdWords;

Make a website

If you do not have any website, it is time to make a new one! Choose the category and niche in which you feel passion as you need to build it and communicate with your online users. Select a topic that is relevant to the keywords in which you are interested in generating and selling leads. Much website making tools is available, and you can get help from any of these.

Using relevant and right keywords

If you have a website related to lipsticks, your keywords must be relevant to your products that you want to sell online. You can choose keywords like; how to choose the right lipstick, red lipstick, new lipstick trends and names of brands that are loved by lipstick users. If you are unable to choose right keywords, you can take help of Google AdWords tool for choosing keywords. Just make sure your keywords are relevant and not too much short-tailed or too much long tailed. This step is very significant so always do a thorough research before choosing the keywords.

Write your ads

So now you must have chosen the keywords that you want to use for your AdWords. Now you should create some ads that are relevant to your keywords. Sign up for Google AdWords and start your journey of making new ads easily. An encouraging title with a little product description is enough to place a perfect ad. Don’t forget to add your URL of landing page which can take the users to your website when they will click on it.

Your web page or landing page

The next thing to do is to have a landing page where your internet users will land after clicking the URL in the AdWords. So this way, you can direct customers to your official web page that is your sales page.

AdWords program is not totally free of cost

You must place bids for the keywords that you have selected for your AdWords. The Google place ads on first three positions for these keywords that have highest bids so if you want to come in the top 3 AdWords, you need to bid higher. This is a first-time investment as when you will start getting traffic; you can decrease your bidding budget. You need to invest if you want to make money.

Well, this is the whole process of making money out of Google AdWords. You must choose the keywords correctly and try to create ads that are compelling to the viewers. The process of making money from AdWords is not a one-day thing. You need to experiment a lot, and you might lose some money, but it is all worth it as when you will understand how it works, you will get the rewards.

Setting Up a Google AdSense Account

Starting a new account with Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to start monetizing your blog. While Google AdSense might not make you rich, it’s a simple and useful tool. In fact, it’s usually the first step bloggers typically take to earn an income from their blogs because it is so easy to get started.

Here’s How:

  1. Read the Google AdSense program policies.Familiarize yourself with what you can and cannot do as part of the Google AdSense program to ensure you’re prepared to start your new account.
  1. Visit the Google AdSense home page.Click on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button in the upper righthand corner of your screen.
  2. Complete the online application.You will need to provide your blog’s URL and primary language as well as answer some questions related to the rules of the Google AdSense program. You’ll also need to provide your payment information to receive the money you generate on your blog from Google.
  3. Access your new account and review the ads available to you.Google AdSense provides a wide variety of advertising options to bloggers from text ads to image ads and more. Take some time to research everything that’s available to determine what will work best for your blog.
  4. Select your ad design choices.Once you’ve decided which ad opportunities are best for your blog, select them. Google will provide a snippet of HTML code to you after you make your selection.
  5. Insert your Google AdSense HTML code into your blog.Copy and paste the HTML code provided by Google into your blog’s template. One of the easiest ways for a beginner blogger to do this is by inserting a text widget into his or her blog’s template and pasting the code in the widget.
  1. Let Google do the rest.It may take a few hours or a few days for Google to start serving ads on your blog. Google will search your blog to determine the predominant subjects of each page. When readers visit your blog, the HTML code you pasted into your blog from Google will activate and relevant ads will be displayed based on each page’s content.
  1. Collect your money.Remember, Google AdSense typically pays based on click-throughs (the number of times people click on an ad). Therefore, Google AdSense is unlikely to generate a large income for you, but every bit helps!

Tips When Setting Up Your Account:

  1. Read and adhere to the Google AdSense policies in full before you sign up for a Google AdSense account. If you violate any of the policies, your account will be cancelled.
  2. Take some time to perfect your Google AdSense program once you get started by learning the steps you need to take to increase your Google AdSense earning potential.

What You Need:

  • Your blog’s active URL.
What are few other ways you’ve used to earn an income on your blog?

Share in the comments below!




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