PD-Proxy Unlimited Trick 2017: Use More than 100 Mb without Premium account

Steps to bypass PD-PROXY 100 mb daily limits in free account
First Section:

1. First download the PD-PROXY Unlimited Trick Tools kit By techintor zip file
2. Extract the downloaded file and Copy Volumeid.exe it to the C:windowssystem32 folder
3. Then open  Volumeid.exe as administrator 
4. Open Command prompt as administrator
5. Then run PD-Proxy Multi Accounts Patcher for 32 and 64 bit.exe file
6. And Click generate button and copy the generated code as follows in command propmpt
7. Now Enter volumeid.exe C: xxxx-xxx (Where xxx-xxx is the generated code) 
{For example type,  volumeid.exe C: 52vT-449B } on command prompt. and press enter
8. Now a new popup window comes, accept the license
9. Exit the command prompt.
then click on the Patch button on PD-Proxy Multi Accounts Patcher for 32 and 64 bit.
10. Now Restart Your Computer

Second Section
11. After Restarting your system, make 2 or more free accounts in pd proxy using different emails and information.
12. Download pd proxy zip file. Then extract PD proxy in two different folders.
13. Now connect to one pd proxy with a free account
14. Use until you reaches 70-90 MB on pd-proxy. Disconnect pdproxy when it reaches 70-90.
Note – Don’t use more than 90 MB
15. Then goto that second pd proxy folder and connect it with the second pd proxy account.
16. You are done. Now this second account gives you unlimited data usage. Enjoy unlimited usage on pd proxy

NOTE – After disconnecting net connectivity. You need to follow  the section 2 steps again. that is from step no13.

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