Iphone x or iphone 8

Apple introduced 3 different iPhones yesterday. Three! They embrace the iPhone eight and eight and, that have quicker processors and higher cameras than last year’s iPhone seven — and currently you’ll be able to charge them wirelessly. and so there’s the iPhone X, a $1,000 smartphone that Apple is largely attempting to promote as a […]

Colorize Your Status Bar Icons with a New Jailbreak Tweak Called Aerial

In collaboration with another Cydia developer, he has now released a new tweak called Aerial that brings your Status bar to life. Normally, the icons in the Status bar are colored black on a light interface, and white on a dark interface. With Aerial, you can add a splash of color to your Status bar by colorizing the […]

How to Download Instagram++ on iOS 10 without Jailbreaking latest

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks out there. You can easily share photos and videos, send a direct message to friends and families, upload stories just like Snapchat and much more. Despite these awesome features, there are a couple of features that are missing. Instagram++ is an app (or tweak) that brings […]

Rare Apps That Were Yanked [Get Apps Downloaded]

In the final 24 hours “Flappy Bird” was available, over 10 million people downloaded the addicting game. Flappy Bird Creator Dong Nguyen was bothered by the onslaught of media attention and messages from those addicted to the game. Nguyen later told Rolling Stone he pulled the game because “I’m [the] master of my own fate.” “Nescaline” […]

How To Download YouTube Videos to iPod 2016

YouTube is a gargantuan video-sharing resource, containing over 120 million clips, meaning there is something for almost everyone to stream and enjoy on demand. If you want to watch your favourite YouTube clips on a portable device that is not internet-capable, or in offline situations, it is also possible to download the Flash video files […]

How to Push Exchange Email to an iPhone 2016

Push Email, the ability to automatically be notified of new mail items arriving on a mobile handset (without having to open a mail application and fetch items manually), exploded in popularity in 2007 with the arrival of the Apple iPhone. Now, it is considered fairly standard practice for business and casual users to be able […]

How to reduce mobile data usage on iPhone or iPad for Facebook

You may have probably noticed that more and more people are sharing videos on Facebook, and if you’ve autoplay videos enabled even on a cellular network then you’re unknowingly using up more data on your iPhone or cellular iPad. You can find out how much cellular data is being used by Facebook and Twitter apps, […]

Install Thaana (Dhivehi) fonts and Thaana Keyboard on iOS devices [100% working FULL guide]

This is a really really easy method to install Dhivehi fonts on your iOS devices. Tested on iOS7.0 and iOS8.0 devices and seems to work well. Please note that this is just for viewing thaana contents, not a thaana keyboard. How to install. Download the custom font profile by visiting the following link using Safari […]