What You Need to Know About Ransomware Another strain of ransomware is destroying devastation everywhere throughout the world, with healing centers crosswise over Britain and significant organizations in a few nations apparently influenced. Security specialists have distinguished the ransomware as another strain of the WannaCry (otherwise called WanaCrypt0r and WCry) malware, and obviously its span…

tips to get top google ranking without spending money

Google continually makes changes to the way its search engine analyzes and ranks websites and individual pages. But, unfortunately, there is no cookie-cutter way to please its algorithm. The good news, however, is there are proven ways to provide what it wants so you can rank higher and for the long term. It’s more important…

Block or Unfollow from Facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, google plus, tumblr, youtube, windows phone 8, skypw, snapchat, bbm, hangouts, whatsup, gmail, outlook & yahoo |full guide 2016 block from everything|

How to Block or Unfollow Someone On Twitter Twitter feeds with gibberish or self-promoting posts. Thankfully, you can enjoy your Twitter timeline without being subject to these unwanted tweets. Here’s how to block people on Twitter. How to Block Someone on Twitter 1. Click on the offender’s name. You can do so from your Twitter…

How to Follow Search Terms and Keyword Mentions on Twitter

Following a certain keyword or a search term on Twitter can be useful for multiple reasons. For example, we can follow news on a certain topic, know what people say about a brand, find all job postings in our area or know about the latest giveaways of our favorite software. Everything that gets written most…

How to Hide WhatsApp Online Status, Last Seen & Profile Picture [20177]

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks – If You are Looking to know that “How to Hide WhatsApp Online Status, Last Seen & Profile Picture ? 2016” So You are in Right Place because we Have simple step by steps guide to Hide WhatsApp Online Status, Last Seen & Profile Picture. These are the Updated Tutorial of 2016…

How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account ~ 2016

Facebook is place where we share each and every, day to day incident with out friends, family in chat or status. Facebook is a biggest social media site with millions of daily users just because it has thousands of different features which make Facebook amazing. So Developers keep trying find bugs to make Facebook tricks…

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