latest list of google dorks 2017

Google Dorks Ultimate Search Queries inurl:/general.php?*id=* inurl:/careers-detail.asp?id= inurl:/WhatNew.asp?page=&id= inurl:/gallery.asp?cid= inurl:/publications.asp?type= here is the Full LIST TO DOWNLOAD inurl:/mpfn=pdview&id= inurl:/reservations.php?id= inurl:/list_blogs.php?sort_mode= inurl:/eventdetails.php?*= inurl:/commodities.php?*id= inurl:/recipe-view.php?id= inurl:product.php?mid= inurl:view_ad.php?id= inurl:/imprimir.php?id= inurl:/prodotti.php?id= inurl:index.cgi?aktion=shopview inurl:/default.php?id= inurl:/default.php?portalID= inurl:/*.php?id= inurl:/articles.php?id= inurl:/os_view_full.php? inurl:/Content.asp?id= inurl:/CollectionContent.asp?id= intitle:”Novell Web Services” “GroupWise” -inurl:”doc/11924″ -filetype:pdf intitle:”Novell Web Services” intext:”Select a service and a language.” intitle:”oMail-admin Administration…

Why aren’t all my xml sitemap pages indexed in Webmaster Tools 2016

In the last few days I’ve encountered a surprising number of clients and even SEOs who don’t fully understand XML sitemaps, so I’m here to clear up some things. Let’s say you half read a blog post somewhere that said “if your site doesn’t have an XML sitemap, your site will never be indexed and…

How To Backup Your Google Gmail Account

If you have a Google Gmail account and want to store all your emails in one place, we’ll show you how to backup your Google Gmail account on your computer. Unfortunately, Google Gmail, occasionally experience technical problems and have been unavailable for several hours. However, when you use Google Backup, you won’t have to worry…

Want to Track Your Lost Android Smartphone? Just Google it TODAY!

phone Tracking solutions are nothing new. But the good thing is, it’s getting easier by the day to track your smartphone if you lose it by any chance. We had previously written about several Android tracking apps, but they were rendered nearly useless when Google finally announced its own phone tracking solution, called Android Device Manager,…

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