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Its an unlimited internet trick that works super fast on 4G network.  it may vary depending on few locations. LTE network is the best network that is available for now is free internet for Philippine . we are just going to be using the simple VPN and follow up an easy procedures.

The things that you may need to get the free internet access. free internet for Philippine

1. Your Globe 4G LTE simcard (It must be an 4G LTE Sim card)

2. ofcourse an android mobile your going o use.
3. Your Globe Switch app.

just these 3 things will be enough for you to get the free internet access.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for any of your actions, Shoutingtech only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

okay lets get on to the easy simple steps. 😀

step 1: Download your Globe switch app. I assume that you already have the app downloaded.


step 2: lets setup the APN. your new access point. just fill the new access point with..

Name: Shoutingtech
Port: 8080
Now save your APN ]

Step 3: Now open the Globe APP.

step 4:  choose an offers having between 20 to 100MB

Step 5:  accept the offer and then force stop the globe switch app

Step 6: Put your data connection off and then return back to your access point configuration and then change your APN to

Step 7: that should be it. Now open your browser and start browsing and downloading whatever you wish 😀

step 8 : high five., cheers :p


If you experience any disconnection while using it, simply follow the steps carefully and re-do it again.

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