Apps Let You Earn Real Cash and Rewards

One of the outcomes of this technology are the applications available, which not only help us being connected but also assist us in making money. These apps are not going to make you into a millionaire but surely help you earn a passive income every day.



presents you an amazing opportunity to earn some extra money while you shop at your favorite store, or buy yourself a coffee or maybe a movie ticket. It provides an amazing opportunity to Android and iOS users to earn rewards such as airline miles, magazines subscription, gift cards and more by participating in a 15-20 minutes survey. The more surveys you complete the more you earn. Just download the app, fill in some basic information and you are good to go. Most surveys pay 1$ but some ranges up to 10$. The reward can be obtained through PayPal, iTunes or in Amazon gift cards.

2. slidejoy

It’s one of the most popular smartphone apps for earning. It is a lock screen app that displays ads and news on your lock screen. It’s an advertising display app where you have to slide through as many ads and news as possible to earn some money. To learn more about the displayed content you have to slide left and to pass it to view another you have to slide up. The money earned can be collected in your PayPal account.

3. Cash for Apps

It is one of the fastest and stable apps. It allows you to earn some money by installing apps advertised on it. The apps once downloaded gives you credited points, you can also delete the app afterward. In cash for apps, 300points is equal to 1$ which could be exchanged for gift cards such as Amazon,eBay, Target, Google play and more. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

4. GigWalk 

This app is perfect for people who love exploring new places and trying out new stuff. It is an app that lets you explore brands and do things in your local area, especially if you are in the US. Once you have downloaded the app, you will receive notifications. The rewards are received when we visit an outlet or restaurant, we have to take pictures of the interior or the receipt and send it to them. Download the app and apply for Gigs in the map shown. You can earn from 3$ to 100$ and the payment is made through Paypal. It is also available for both Android and iPhone users.


5.Quiz Rewards

It is an app that rewards you for your intelligence. You can play the quizzes on Android and iPhone both and earn in-app coins and real gift cards by answering questions from the 16 different categories. Download the app, sign up and log in to enjoy your rewards by participating I the tournaments. In it, 1000 coins are equal to 1$, each tournament points vary and can range from 10-5000 coins and get 2 chance every day to participate in them.


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