LG G FLEX Phone Keeps Crashing

LG G FLEX Phone Keeps Crashing

Some users have suggested that they are experiencing crashes whilst the usage of their phone. The cause for this may be linked to using precise apps, or the crashes may be more random.

Potential solutions:

You can take a look at whether or not the crashes are being because of a rogue application with the aid of conserving down the power button then touching and conserving the ‘energy off’ option, then rebooting to safe mode. You must see the words ‘Safe mode’ at the left backside of the display, and this may forestall 0.33-celebration applications from going for walks. If you now not revel in crashes, then an app become in charge.
After organising that an app was at fault, strive uninstalling your 1/3-birthday celebration apps till the trouble goes away. You could also perform a Factory Reset, as a way to erase all your statistics, and be cautious about what programs you install.
So there are a number of the troubles confronted through LG G Flex proprietors. To keep your tool safe from unwanted harm, don’t neglect to test out our list of defensive cases from the LG G Flex! If you’ve struggled with these issues, do allow us to recognise if any of these solutions have worked for you. Don’t forget to mention every other issues along with your device within the comments section beneath, and we’ll strive that will help you find a restore.

Here are the guides to perform a smooth reset and a manufacturing facility reset to your LG G Flex.

Soft Reset:

Press down and maintain the Power/Lock key for your LG for 3 seconds
Wait for the smartphone to power off
The device will automatically restart, keeping consumer facts
Hard Reset:

Start by using backing up any facts that you do now not need to lose
From the home screen, tap the ‘menu’ key, then ‘device settings’
Select ‘General’ then scroll to ‘Personal’
From ‘Personal, choose ‘Backup & Reset’
Tap ‘Factory records reset’
Tap ‘Reset telephone’ and pick out ‘erase the whole thing’
Review the pop up warning and faucet ‘Ok’
You also can make use of a factory reset sincerely by means of using the keys to your telephone:

Turn your telephone off through urgent down the strength button until you get the consumer menu, which gives the option to ‘power off’.
Once the phone is off, press and hold down the energy key, and the volume down key.
Release only the strength key whilst the LG brand appears then straight away press and preserve the electricity key once more.
Release all keys once the hard reset screen is displayed
Use the quantity keys to scroll up and down, then press the power key to verify


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